Credential Evaluation Services Aruba (CESA), registered with the local Chamber of Commerce since 2023, is a private consulting firm based in Aruba which first began offering credential evaluation services to the public in January 2024, providing independent evaluation of foreign academic credentials. At Credential Evaluation Services Aruba (CESA), we analyze foreign academic credentials to establish the comparable degree that would be awarded in the Aruban education system (or Dutch education system) if there is no comparable Aruban degree).
Credential evaluation is the comparison of diplomas or studies obtained abroad, with the relevant Aruban (or Dutch) diploma or course of study. An evaluation of educational credentials obtained abroad is generally required or useful when job hunting or seeking admission into college or university for further study. We offer an evaluation report that contains the following information: Name of diploma holder, country of study, college or university attended, degree or title obtained, graduation date and level of education attained as compared to studies or degree(s) within the Aruban (or Dutch) education system. Due to the differences between education systems, even though courses of study and/or degrees or titles may have similar sounding names and objectives, differences in awarded credits, years of study, grading systems and degree or title requirements, are taken into account when establishing the evaluation outcome. A credential evaluation does not grant permission to work in a particular profession. The latter is the competence of the employer. Nor does a credential evaluation grant permission to be admitted to a (further) course of study. The latter is the competence of the educational institution. Please note: A CESA evaluation outcome is the professional opinion of CESA, and can be seen as a tool for companies and educational institutions to evaluate and screen potential employees or students. It is the duty of the client to first confirm with the prospective employer, educational institution or other interested organizations that they will accept CESA evaluations before requesting a credential evaluation from CESA. Accepting CESA evaluations for employment and/or education-related purposes is at the discretion of the receiving institution.
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